Me: iMovie, please import this file.

iMovie: on it! That’ll take a little while.

Me: Alright, in the meantime I will go to the Internet for a second.

(one second)


Me: What is it, iMovie!

iMovie: I’m copying a file for you?

Me: Is it done?

iMovie: No! Not even close!

Me: Ok, well, you didn’t need to tell me about that. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be back in a little bit, when that’s done, to edit it.

iMovie: Bye!

(five seconds)

iMovie: OH MY GOD!

Me: What is it, iMovie? Did something happen?

iMovie: This progress bar is TOTALLY DONE!

Me: Oh, good! I guess I’ll start editing the video then.

iMovie: Oh, no, you can’t do that yet.

Me: Why not?

iMovie: I need to “generate thumbnails!” It’s a whole new progress bar!

Me: Why did you notify me if you still have another progress bar to go?

iMovie: I missed you!