You might think that I’d want a break from deadlines, since I face them every day as a journalist. Apparently that’s not true.

I am the primary songwriter in a tiny obscure local band. For the last 17 weeks or so, myself and a fellow band mate have challenged ourselves to write and record a song each week.

The project is inspired by Jonathan Coulton, nerd rock super sensation whose “Thing-a-week” project kicked off his Internet fame. While we are many degrees separate from Mr. Coulton, we’ve found that the deadline system is a great way to encourage ourselves to get down and writing.

In songwriting as in journalism, I am not always happy to see the deadline creeping towards me. And sometimes I feel like if I just gave myself a little more time maybe I could have a more polished and “complete” final product. But, like in journalism, I with what I have when the clock strikes deadline and, in the end, what I have is what I have–and at least I have something.

Some songs are keepers, some are definitely not. But we have them!  Our band has more than doubled its repertoire since the project began in February.