Political, apolitical, funny, unfunny—lots has been said about the rally. We had a great time.

We woke up nice and early and found a great spot on the lawn. We were surrounded by some diehards (some women had set up before sunrise) and some passersby (I asked one man from Jamaica if he’d come all the way to DC for the rally. He laughed and said he’d just been walking by.)

We were also in the presence of some celebrities, like Capt. America himself.

America, capt

We were far from the only people who had flown in for the rally. This couple hopped down from Maine. The woman told me that she is the library director in a town where half the council wants to abolish all taxes and just pay for the police. “That’s why I’m here,” she said.


Jon Stewart’s call for people to make “sane” signs was not ignored. Clever slogans abounded.


Cary and I arrived on the lawn before 8 a.m. and entertainment didn’t begin until 10–and the rally didn’t start til noon. But we kept busy. By the time the rally started, we were tired of standing. We had a blanket to cushion the ground and went shoe-less: much more pleasant on the feet.

shoes off

Our spot was close enough to watch the stage. We could also see the teleprompter, which I largely ignored, but Cary said it was fun to see what was coming up (though it took away some of the surprise….)


The show itself was excellent. It was live—so, not lacking awkwardness, and whoever was running the video feeds wasn’t really paying too close attention, so there were some hiccups. The star-studded rally did not disappoint us, enthusiastic 20-somethings who came for the Jon Stewart and got a bonus Ozzy & Cat Stevens on top of it. The biggest problem was that 3G coverage knocked out for everyone before the Rally even started, so none of us could Twitter! (Scandal!)

I have lots more photos over at my Flickr.


If you would like to see the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear for yourself, thank CSPAN for this feed. Check out BuzzFeed for a popular collection of the best 100 signs at the Rally.  Comedy Central has posted video of Jon Stewart’s “sincere speech,” the thesis statement of the rally—calling out media for presenting polarizing extremes.