Washington County just put out this news release about an amazing criminal… this dude was trying to dig through a wall at the
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. (I posted a news story about it here, but the press release language is just so matter-of-fact and such… read below.)

The caretaker reported that he found a hole that had been secretly cut in the wall of an exterior bathroom.  The bathroom is attached to the house but has no doorway from the inside of the house.  The hole was hidden behind a toilet seat cover dispenser.  It appears that the suspect had removed the dispenser that is embedded in the wall and then started to cut through a wall that leads to the interior of the museum.  When he left he replaced the dispenser so no one would notice the activity.

When deputies arrived this morning… they brought in a K9 team from Beaverton Police who searched the area.  The K9 tracked to a wooded area and was very interested in a particular piece of ground about a half a mile away from the building.

The dog then bit the ground that in turn cried out in pain, the officer realized there was a man hiding at his feet dressing in a “Ghillie” suit. This is a suit that hunters and military snipers use that cover the person in camouflage and make them hard to see.

Nothing was stolen from the museum, and their existing security would very likely have triggered a police response once Mr. Liascos entered the interior part of the building.

So. That happened.